Smart Casino Tactics For Maximizing Profits


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Casinos lap it up, while the rest of us pay a lot of money for the entertainment they provide. So, how do they make their money and ensure we keep handing over ours. This article goes through some of the tactics used.

Time Doesn't Exist

Strangely enough, not many people are keen on wearing watches. With smartphones in their pockets, it’s no real surprise. But as far as casinos go, time simply doesn’t exist. The moment a gambler sets foot inside the establishment, they are unable to tell whether it’s night or day. And it’s no coincidence that there is not a single clock to be found. Not even the dealers are allowed to wear watches, for the exact purpose of removing time from existence.

Strategically the casino will drag out the time the gambler stays inside, but messing up their internal clocks is probably the first step they take. It doesn’t help that most people inside the casino are most likely on vacation or enjoying a weekend off. For them time is already something they want to forget, which makes them more vulnerable.

This method of making time disappear is so effective at keeping gamblers inside, UK laws are starting to force casinos to make their patrons more time-aware. But it’s still a progressive enforcement, and for the most part gamblers are still getting lost between night and day. They are blissfully forgetting about reality while placing another bet.

The World Gets Locked Out

At first it won’t look very suspicious. The doors to the casino will be big, and the entrance massive. You might even find a few windows near the emergency exist, but they’re probably only there due to building regulations.

After stepping into the establishment you’ll quickly notice any contact with the outside world is shut off. Why? Because casinos don’t like it when their gamblers get distracted in any way or form. Now, the Las Vegas Strip holds more than enough entertainment outside the casinos, which mean they have to do everything in their power to break the connection. The best way of doing this is to obscure your view.

All you’ll see in the casino are slot machines, sexy cocktail waitresses and tables with piles of money. What you won’t see is any indication of whether it’s night or day, which ties in perfectly with the no-time principle. And once you begin to engage your surroundings, you forget more about the outside world. It’s one of the tricks used in the inner workings of a casino.

The Sound Of The Beautiful Lights

People are suckers for pretty lights and game-show music indicating somebody is winning. Christmas is a good example of how light-crazy people can get, but used in combination with the right sounds it can get downright addicted. Just like time gets taken away and the world disappears, you are manipulated into thinking that everyone is winning.

That’s right; you’ll believe everyone is on some kind of winning streak, when they are in fact losing most of their money. Why are you believing this? Because constantly flashing lights and bells ringing every five seconds can only mean people are getting rich. One might even say it has a hypnotic effect, and it directly overrides your logic.

To seal the deal, casinos will make “winning” sounds come out of the machines even when you lose, just to make you feel better about it. Their mission is to captivate every sense you’re using at the moment, and turning it against you.

Free Drinks Anyone?

How many people do you know who will say no to a free and great tasting alcoholic beverage? Exactly. Casinos don’t know people who will say no either, which is why they are sending out cocktail waitresses like soldiers. Their mission is to keep those trays filled to the brim, because a free drink now means more money later.

You’d think that casinos are too greedy to give away drinks, but it does make perfect sense. Even the smartest player with the best strategy is going to start slacking after a drink or two. You see, the house always wins because it doesn’t just stack the odds against you statistically. They also take every vulnerability you have and exploit it to the maximum level.

Alcohol is probably the most powerful way of getting wallets to fall open on the tables. The more people drink the less they care about walking away with anything in their pocket. At that moment it’s a problem that can wait till the next morning when you’re clear and sober.

Casinos Are Difficult To Navigate

Just when you think casinos managers can’t get any smarter, they do. On top of all the lengths they go to, the layout of the casino is also very strategic. And if you think they’re doing it for your convenience, think again.

An individual will walk into a casino with the thought that they can just turn around and follow the same road they used to come in. But there are several twists and turns without any type of landmark to point you in the right direction. In fact, there is absolutely no sense of direction in a casino, ultimately creating a maze you can get lost in for hours. And as you get lost, you spend more money and forget where you come from in the first place.

Even the tall slot machines are strategically placed to hinder your view, along with the sky painted ceiling, making you feel like you’re lost on the outside of the building. Everything about the setup is targeted at disorienting the gambler. From the low ceilings to the exact slot machines occupying every turn you take, it’s a perfect tactic