Spring Summer Men's Colour Updates

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On February, 27 2014

Kojo Jumah


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The dreadful winds of winter are finally subsiding and we can finally add a pop of color to our wardrobes as spring and summer come upon us. The Spring Season is all about color and a blend of casual and formal to give you that Michael Fassbender look. To become a favorite of the fashion connoisseurs, these looks will give you just the panache needed to pull off that effortless chic.

The Utility Green Look

Emulate the rugged style of the working man with just a little modern twist. While you may not be doing handiwork sitting at your computer at the office, you can incorporate the feel into your look with some dull green chinos coupled with a dark grey single breasted suit with American shoulders. Top it off with some classic tan brogues and a single knotted slim tie and you’re ready for work (or the runway).

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The Deep Burgundy Look

This look is only for the men that dare to think out of the box so proceed with caution. The deep rich color can be incorporated in a chic blazer or a knitted sweater when going out for a walk. Combined with black slim fit chinos and tan brogue shoes, this look is the definite winner of the season. To make sure the white does not glare from underneath the burgundy; opt for a more subtle color like a sky blue for a dress shirt.

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Electric Blue

For a day out at sea, this look is for the man who goes on adventures. Casual blue shorts add a pop of color to the ensemble as tan moccasins make you the king of casual. Combine it with a white short sleeved shirt with a warm grey blazer to protect you from the cold wind of the sea.

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Burnt Orange

Now this is a color with a lot of potential. An unlikely hero for the season, it seems to cling to the remnants of the preceding fall making you stand out amongst the rest of the colors. Whether you’re going on a picnic to be among the colors of nature or to a business meeting, this color will help you project your personality.

Burnt orange mid rise chinos with a slim cut can be perfectly paired with a white formal dress shirt and a double breasted grey tweed jacket. Accentuate the color with a plain handkerchief in the coat pocket for that classic look.

What really makes this outfit fashion mag worthy are the accessories. Carry your important business papers in a grey leather messenger bag and the semi-formal look is complete.

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Banana Yellow

Yellow is the color of happiness and that’s just what your look will show. This playful ensemble is for the creative man who has business out and about town. Bring light to the child in you as you carry a fun patterned handkerchief in the pocket of your classic blue coat. Couple it with slim fit chinos of pale yellow and a white shirt and you can make sure that the yellow is the star of the show. A tie clasp will be perfect to hold your tie in place as you go from place to

Banana-Yellow-02 Banana-Yellow-01

Final Thoughts

This season is all about adding a pop of color to your office wardrobe. It can be tricky to add color to your wardrobe without going over the top but a man who takes risks is someone who succeeds in all walks of life. Use these tips to create that unique combination of casual and business and enjoy the best of both worlds.