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There is a variety of factors that define a men’s style icon. He needs to have a classic and appealing dapper look. However, he also needs to be unique. Simply copying the greats that came before him doesn’t cut it. He has to bring something fantastic of his own to the table as well. George Lamb covers all of these foundations and more.

George Lamb is the son of renowned British actor, Larry Lamb. He is a TV host, presenter, and DJ. However, George Lamb is just as well-known for his fabulous sense of style as he is for his distinguished accomplishments. His eye-catching way of blending classic looks with his own quirky, individual take on fashion has made him a fashion icon in the eyes of many modern men.

George Lamb’s Signature Style

George Lamb’s style is an excellent example of what a personal look should really be like. It’s more than just something that makes him pleasing to the eye; it’s something that helps define him as a person as well. His secret is his approach to classic essentials like three-piece suits, chinos, and blazers. He takes items we’re all more than familiar with and makes them his very own by putting his individual spin on the look itself.

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The way George embraces the things about himself as well as the way he looks is what makes him truly unique. For instance, even though he’s only in his 30’s, his hair has already gone quite grey. However, while many men would consider this a setback that should be hidden in order to better fit society’s ideas of what youth, vitality, and virility look like, George makes it work for him. He embraces it fully, makes it part of his look, and turns what could be seen as a disadvantage into a major asset.

Creating George Lamb’s Unique Look

George Lamb strikes a perfect balance between the modern, cutting edge man and the old-school English gentleman when it comes to his look. He combines pieces that are almost stereotypical when it comes to classic features with colorful, fun items that successfully bring the look into today’s fashion. Neutral staple shades like olive green, beige, or charcoal are routinely enlivened with juicy hits of crimson, russet, or apple green. This gives his look an abundance of personality that is uniquely him.

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Even George himself credits his self-acceptance and confidence as the key to looking one’s best at all times. He truly feels that once you’re comfortable in your own skin, it’s almost impossible not to look good, as it comes out in everything you do. In today’s world where individuality and uniqueness come at a high premium, we can truly consider this outlook to be something to live by.

A Closer Look at Some of George Lamb’s Signature Looks

Style Icon George Lamb