The suit switch up by Reiss

This season suits have been designed to be worn in many different ways and feel anything but predictable. Here’s how to take tailoring off-road


Gentleman's Division



The suit has been at the heart of men’s wardrobes for generations thanks to its enduring appeal and timeless style. Though our everyday life may be drastically different than that of our forebears, tailoring remains a key player for work, special occasions and occasionally off-duty too.

This season suits should be approached with an open mind. Yes, they’ll always be office/occasion appropriate but with a little imagination and some shrewd styling, suits can be purposed practically any way you see fit.

Here we take our versatile Samuel grey suit and show you how to switch up your styling for different occasions and days. Who knew a single suit could look so drastically different.


Menswear may have loosened up in recent years, but there’s still a case to be made for wearing a three piece suit in the boardroom; nothing else will convey business-mindedness quite so strongly. A white shirt and black polished shoes are fail-safe companions for a grey suit, but the addition to a grey tie will give this classic look a fashionable tonal twist.


Gone are the days when travelling was a licence to don your favourite tracksuit bottoms and sneakers, sharp travel style has practically become a whole genre of dressing in its own right. A fine rollneck jumper, Chelsea boots, a wool overcoat and a holdall are all you’ll need to look sharp both in the air and on foreign soil.


If you’d have suggested that a few seasons ago suits worn with sportswear would become a ‘thing’ you’d have been scoffed at. Now that athleisure’s well and truly taken off in stylish men’s wardrobes, it not only makes sartorial sense to pair your suit with sneakers and a tracksuit top, it feels remarkably comfortable too.


Dressing up for party season need not be a headache. For those who crave simplicity, a few canny style moves can transform a suit from boardroom-ready to party-ready. A rollneck, an evening scarf and faux-fur trim coat will go a surprisingly long way when it comes to upping your elegance in the evening.