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Socks that make you smile. So what is Bryt? Bryt is a new clothing brand and the first of its kind. Bryt sole intention is to make people smile. They are taking the steps to becoming the first brand that only produces bright coloured clothing. That’s right, bright colours only.

Co-founders Natalie and James were bored of the same trends. Blacks and greys. They wanted more colour and then the lightbulb moment happened!

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Bryt on Kickstarter

They have only just launched on Kickstarter, and they are already receiving an amazing response from the campaign. Bryt is focusing on its first product. The Bryt sock. Mens and women’s socks. They’re engineered to be super bright by using a special combed cotton yarn, permitting a super fine, high thread count. This makes the socks brighter and stay that way – neat!

They are  not using low cost black and grey yarns either. Custom colour cotton costs more money. They feel that strongly about lifting people’s sock drawers and giving them a jolt of energy, they are using super colourful materials and at the same time, achieving the same sock prices as our dull competition. We get more bang for the buck! Kind of like socks on steroids. We’re selling our socks for as low as £5 or $7.50. We feel for our quality and character this is extremely fair compared to the competition. We’re 100% made in Britain. All our socks are the finest in British craftsmanship. We would love you to share our excitement with us.

You can see us live on Kickstarter


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