Tips To Get Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Watch Football With You

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On March, 14 2017

Kojo Jumah


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As football season begins in the United States, females around the country begin to take an unhappy stance grumbling about how the sport will be taking over the next five months. I hold a slightly different opinion because I adore American football; therefore, I would like to provide the men with some pointers on how to get your wife or girlfriend to watch (and enjoy) football.

Tell Her What's In It For Her

It is a well-known fact that successful relationships are all about compromise. If you want her to watch football, then be prepared to compromise and spend time watching another show she enjoys later on. While you may hate the television show, according to the rules of compromise, it will be best if you watch it with her nonetheless. If you expect her to reciprocate and eliminate grumbling, suck it up!

Don't Be Selfish

Compromise is important, but so is selflessness. Football can take over a person’s life, but this does not mean it should take over to the point where you do not consider your partner at all. A small example could be when you buy some beer for the game, purchase her favorite drink as well. If you are inviting the boys over, it would be kind to let her invite friends over as well. If you are hoping for some delicious snacks, buy her chocolates and a small gift later on. Be nice, think ahead.

Talk About Things Other Than Sports

While some partners are interested in football, not all wives or girlfriends enjoy watching the sport. If you are going to get them to spend time watching football, it would be useful to break from the sport and acknowledge their needs. This means that you need to pay some attention to them while the game is on – it works wonders.

The commercials are not worth watching; therefore, it can be highly beneficial to pay attention to your partner at this time. Try turning the volume down and spend time talking to her about other things during those minutes while you wait for the game to return. A few minutes here and there can mean the world at the end of the day.

Schedule The Events

We have a board in our house where we schedule the events beforehand. This can seem extreme, but it works fantastically and is useful when trying to get people to watch football games together. By scheduling the time in advance, it is possible to organize the football hours and prepare for football Sunday. Furthermore, you will be able to figure out when events are organized and who has plans at what time – no arguments!

Be Patient With Her

A person who has never watched American football in the past will, undoubtedly, have questions about the sport. Think about it, when you began playing or watching you probably had thousands of questions. Be patient with your wife or girlfriend and be prepared to answer what you may consider incompetent questions.

In fact, if a woman asks questions about the game, it could be a good sign. While it may be highly frustrating having to answer how many points a touchdown brings, answering questions can promote interest in the game. Be patient, answer the questions, and see a love for the sport grow.

Speak About Things That Interest Her

To keep your wife or girlfriend interested, it is highly recommended that you keep your partner engaged. This can be done by talking about things that she is interested in or that relate to topics she has an interest in. For example, if you are watching the New Orleans Saints you could relate their player Reggie Bush to Kim Kardashian. They dated, didn’t they?

Give Her Some Sports-Related Eye Candy Before The Game Begins

To warm her up to the idea of sports – no pun intended – it can be highly beneficial to point out some sports-related eye candy. Sexual appeal is a powerful drawing factor, and not only men have wandering eyes. For example, David Beckham is an ideal subject despite being a soccer star and not football. Allow her to drool over him on the screen for a while, and she will more than likely be more receptive to the idea of American football.

Give Her A Team Jersey Or Hat

Females adore gifts and purchasing a new team jersey or hat for your wife or girlfriend will make her feel special. This is one of the simple steps to follow to increase her receptiveness to the game.

Have a Punt Together

As you know yourself, having a pint on a game can really alter the amount of interest you have in it. Why not try one of the absolutely free sports picks and give her something to shout about.

Ensure Her Comfort

Comfort is important to make a person willing to sit and watch a long football game. Throw fluffy pillows on a sofa and add some popcorn – the chances are she will enjoy the game by being more comfortable.