Why Men Should Give a Damn about Their Appearance


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Men often joke that women got the short end of the stick when it comes to morning routine. While she is still slathering up with lotion and who-knows-what-else, he has already thrown on today’s outfit and is ready to go. While it is possible for men to be in a fairly socially acceptable state with little effort, there are some compelling reasons why men should actually give a damn about their appearance.

Make a good first impression

You may be a man attempting to convince yourself that it doesn’t matter what you wear or how groomed your facial hair is, but you are probably judging everyman you meet according to these elements. And you can bet that they are judging you the same way.

Be honest. Who do you think more highly of, before they have even uttered a word? The guy wearing an unkempt beard and baggy camouflage jacket or the one in a three piece suit that looks like he is fresh from the barber?

We can’t help it. We live in a visually based society, and it is in our nature to evaluate everyone we meet based on their appearance. That is why you should look your best to make a good first impression.



Earn more respect at work

The same theory is doubly important at work. They say, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” for very good reason. It is those who look the part who often move up the ladder.

You may have a brilliant mind and solve all sorts of problems at work, but if your appearance is lazy that is going to be a strong message to overcome. Will your boss want to recommend you to those higher up, when at first glance, you don’t seem to fit the bill?

When it comes to your career, you probably work overtime, attend continuing education, and put up with all sorts of office politics. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and ignore your appearance.


Increase your self-confidence

Multiple television shows have been based on the fact that we feel better about ourselves and perform our best when we look our best.

“What Not to Wear” is one example that took sloppy looking men or frumpy looking women and gave them a whole new lease on life with nothing more than a new wardrobe and salon make-over. The participants didn’t lose any weight or make any other important transformations. They simply started dressing to their strengths and maintaining their personal hygiene.

When these people reveal their new look, they are happy and confident, making them appear younger and more successful. In every situation, optimizing your appearance for maximum self-confidence helps you do your best.



Take a position of authority

Let’s face it, most people aren’t going to trust you with significant responsibilities if you don’t look as if you even know how to groom your beard. If you are hoping to take a position of authority at work, within an organization, or even at home, you should attempt to look like you are worthy of the role.

Studies show that groups of people will automatically look to men who are tall, well-dressed, and professional looking for leadership, even if they have never met them before. You may not be able to affect your height, but the other factors in this equation are completely under your control.


Make a statement

Your clothes say a lot about you, so when you choose to look your best you are saying a few things.

  • You want others to see you looking your best.
  • You are responsible enough to care for nice clothes and grooming habits.
  • You are important enough to wear nice clothes.
  • You are a professional.
  • You can afford to dress well.
  • You are smart and self-confident.
  • You are not lazy, poor, or irresponsible.

If you are getting really serious about your clothes, you can even use colors to sub-consciously send a message. Grey is dignified, while brown is trustworthy. Red is usually only worn by those who are ready to take control of power. Blues tend to be soothing.

Understanding how clothes can make a man can help you make yourself into the man you want to be.

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