Wrangler Denim Performance with Formula One champion Kimi Raikkonen


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Denim Performance is functional and future-focused, revitalised details, fabrics and finishes of jeans shirts and jackets. Denim Performance responds to a challenge – to improve the functionality of jeans for the modern consumer. 
Finnish racing driver Kimi Raikkonen defines high performance. Kimi won the Formula One drivers’ championship with Ferrari, in 2012 he returned to Formula One after two years competing in the World Rally Championships, ending the season in third place on the podium. He now drives for Lotus Renault. Kimi has also driver Nascar in Wrangler’s home state North Carolina. 
“I like working with experts. I work with experts in motor racing. And Wrangler are experts in the world of jeans.” – Kimi Raikkonen. 
Outwear is a special focus of the AW13 collection. Wrangler invests in quality through performance fabrics and functional details. The outwear collection complements Wrangler’s iconic jeanswear and updates classic coat archetypes with modern cut and aesthetics – the parka, the field jacket, the peacoat and the down jacket. 
“Coming from Scandinavia, I understand the need for warm clothes that work hard. Denim Performance delivers jeans and coats loaded with function.” – Kimi Raikkonen. 
Wrangler overhauled jeans-design for riders when it launched in 1947 by introducing landmark details such s flat rivets and ergonomic pockets. The legacy of reinvention and innovation continues in the AW13 collection. Denim Performance will endure as Wrangler’s principal design platform in future seasons. 

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